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Oak Field

About the project

A contemporary house hidden away from view in a wood full of oak trees sounds like the ideal location to live. And it is. A farming family wanted a new home that they could move into on their land in the green hills of Wales. With beautiful views across the valley, the design opens up the front and rear elevations with almost complete floor to roof glazing and a double height internal space that makes the inside and outside visually feel like one space.

Locally sourced natural materials are used to help make the house blend and age with it’s natural habitat. The layout is split into three zones. One for living, one for sleeping and one for circulation that links the other two together

Environmental design is close to their hearts and so a ground source heat pump is being integrated to provide all their hot water and heating requirements. A local natural spring will also provide water.

Key Features

– Contemporary house in a rural location

– Locally sourced natural materials

– Environmental design principles

– Ground source heat pump

– Beautiful views over the Towy valley

"My wife and I had some vague ideas of what we wanted, however, the expertise, creativity, and knowledge provided by John Morris have transformed our brief into the vision of a dream home." 

- Richard Mitchell, Ealing

" It was the first time that we have used an architect and we found that the use of John's services was paid back both in terms of the savings that he was able to identify through excellent contacts and helpful advice as well as the added value for the house. It also helped us avoid making expensive mistakes through a piecemeal approach." 

- Martin & Lyndsey Done, Gunthorpe

"John Morris Architects was one of three architects we found on the internet. After a couple of meetings with each of them and John's initial concept design, we found it very easy to make our choice. I would recommend John Morris architects to anybody and would love to work with John on another job in the future." 

-Simon & Sharon Moss, Nottingham

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