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My Process

My passion is to design for you. Whether you're a homeowner, property developer or builder and whether the project is a bespoke staircase, the extension and remodelling of an existing property, or a new build home. As an architect, design and practicality is my focus.

I do this by spending time collecting all the pieces of the puzzle to form your brief.

Understanding your needs and aspirations is fundamental to getting to the right solution and this can only be achieved through discussion.

Once all the pieces of the puzzle are gathered, I develop the design over a series of meetings to get to the right solution.

How it works

Let me explain how I work with you.

Consultation & Brief Development

This is the most important part of my process. I'll meet with you, view your home and find out your aspirations and expectations to figure out what you want from the project.

I listen to you, your thoughts and ideas to start planning a finely crafted custom and bespoke solution which completely suits your needs.


Planning and Design

Before I start the initial designs, I develop the brief with you, assess your site, discuss how you live, what it is that you want to achieve, how sunlight moves around the site, answer any questions you may have on the process, and explore many other topics with you. All these factors add up to create a bigger picture.

We’ll then develop the design over a series of meetings. This often involves the use of an interactive 3D computer model so that you can fully visualise the design, the materials proposed, and how the sun will fill the interior with daylight.

Construction Package

I can produce detailed construction drawings, specifications and schedules for both building regulation compliance and for the contractor to build the project. Even down to where the ceiling lights and light switches are! I do this to ensure that your expectations are met consistently throughout the whole project. I would also help co-ordinate the work of other consultants that you may need for your project.


Tender Package

I'll then invite and issue construction information packages to reliable contractors so they can tender for the works, advise on their tender returns, and arrange for a building contract to be signed between you and the successful contractor.

On-Site Contract Administration

My main aim is to make the process as stress-free as possible for you. I can help with a number of architectural services such as administering the building contract you and the builder enter into. This includes regular site visits, chair meetings between you and the contractor, issuing contract certificates, controlling payment staging and amounts, solving problems, snagging, and generally guiding you through the build process.