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Wingfield Road

About the project

This three storey house replaces an existing bungalow that sits on a North-South orientated plot. A recent housing development located some 70m away to the south of the plot on lower land blocked views to the open Derbyshire countryside. I developed the design to reinstate these views from the first and second floor levels. A south facing balcony to the Master bedroom is also provided to take full advantage of the beautiful countryside views.

The kitchen and day-lounge is located in a single storey side annex with full height vaulted ceilings and a three storey high entrance area creates volume and an expansive feeling of space. A corner of the kitchen/day lounge fully opens up with the use of folding sliding doors to provide uninterrupted access and views to the garden and covered patio area which has an external fire/BBQ area.

Key Features

– Three storey house

– Vaulted ceiling to kitchen/day lounge/dining area

– Detached home office and garage

– GSHP installation for reduced energy costs

– Balcony to the 2nd floor Master Bedroom with views over the countryside

– Provision for a lift to be installed at a later date

"My wife and I had some vague ideas of what we wanted, however, the expertise, creativity, and knowledge provided by John Morris have transformed our brief into the vision of a dream home." 

- Richard Mitchell, Ealing

" It was the first time that we have used an architect and we found that the use of John's services was paid back both in terms of the savings that he was able to identify through excellent contacts and helpful advice as well as the added value for the house. It also helped us avoid making expensive mistakes through a piecemeal approach." 

- Martin & Lyndsey Done, Gunthorpe

"John Morris Architects was one of three architects we found on the internet. After a couple of meetings with each of them and John's initial concept design, we found it very easy to make our choice. I would recommend John Morris architects to anybody and would love to work with John on another job in the future." 

-Simon & Sharon Moss, Nottingham

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