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Plains Road

This beautiful new home is tucked away on a secluded plot of land that presented challenges and opportunities. With neighbours close on two sides, a public house to another, and a vacant plot to the fourth, creating the form and orientation of the house needed careful consideration and a lot of design ability.

The result is a design that my Clients love. And why not. There are double height spaces, an open plan kitchen/dining/living area, a floating stairs within a vaulted entrance hall, a cinema room, a gym, a home office, four bedrooms with en-suites, a utility and pantry room, an integral double garage, canopied external spaces, large areas of glazing for daylight and connection to the gardens, and all wrapped up in a beautiful form of brick, slate, timber and glass.



Normanton on Trent

My brief was to create a ‘forever’ home that would provide my clients and their family with a home that would last them for the rest of their days. I was asked to create a layout that was flooded with natural daylight. A layout that was open plan in nature but zoned so that each area had an identity. Sleeping accommodation was to be located on the first floor. But they also wanted a bedroom suite to the ground floor for guests and for themselves in their latter years.

My design incorporates all these desires and also takes full advantage of the views the site enjoys across open countryside and a large garden field where the Clients keep chickens, ducks and a selection of other animals.

The front of the site is accessed off a lane where the semi-private drive and garage is located. The rear of the site is private and has been fully opened up with glazing and full-width door openings to connect the interior of the house to the garden and fields beyond.

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Cherryholt Lane

Situated on a tree-lined lane in East Bridgford, this project involves the demolition of an old family home to make way for the construction of a new family home.

3 generations of the same family will be accommodated and so an annex has been incorporated that will allow the family to co-habit while having definable and private space.

I designed the home to take advantage of the enlarged surrounding gardens and the path of the sun through the sky to provide well daylit interiors and open connections to the garden areas.

The Moorings

Having a large garden is such a lovely asset for many things ranging from garden parties, golf practice, apple trees, and also for a new home designed to your particular specification. Tucked out of view in a village location, my Clients had a garden that offers just that opportunity.

A modern home has been designed to exacting standards that will provide a low maintenance, highly insulated and well day lit home. The house has been located on the plot to take best advantage of the suns path through the sky, to provide gardens to the east, south and west of the house and daylight penetration to the interior. The ground floor living rooms all connect with the gardens, a central atrium with skylights fill the centre of the house with daylight, and the modern design gives our Clients the home they desired.

Modern Pavilion

My Clients wanted a modern single storey building for their new home. So I designed this beautiful pavilion style home which we all love.

Inspired by the design classics of Mies van de Rohe and Philip Johnson, this modern home will have everything a family could wish for. Large open plan living areas, 4 double bedrooms with en-suites and views over their landscaped gardens, large areas of glass to let the light flood in, provide amazing views out and connect the interior to the exterior, a basement with a swimming pool, gymnasium, cinema room and garage. Plus there’s a double height space to the basement where we’re going to create an internal living wall of plants next to the glass staircase.

Chestnut Tree

My Clients have a secluded plot of land where they want to build their forever home. Located in a conservation area with height limitations, this design was developed to provide them with the space they required while maintaining a large wrap around garden and drive.

The house layout is designed to create a sense of arriving home as soon as you pass the entrance gates. A full height entrance hall with a suspended stairs welcomes you into the house. A wide corridor with full height glazing then leads you into the vaulted ceiling kitchen/dining/day lounge, which in turn leads out onto an external patio areas covered by an extended roof.

The garden is linked to the house by large areas of glass and folding sliding doors to create amazing views out from the interior.

Alfreton Road, Underwood

My Clients had a clear view of what they wanted as their new home on a large plot. I worked closely with them to develop their brief, create design concepts, and a final design that ticked all the boxes. Deep roof overhangs, large internal rooms that link together and with the surrounding gardens, covered external sitting areas, and a large kitchen/living/dining area with vaulted ceilings provide a great family home. This will certainly be a standout feature house in the town of Underwood.

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12 Bank Hill

Our Client wanted an ultra modern open plan house with cantilevered floors and double height spaces. They also wanted the house to visually and physically connected to their gardens and the countryside beyond. One of the Client requests was for a bespoke staircase that rose up through the double height space. With the help of a glass specialist, we designed a stairs that will appear to defy gravity with the steps floating between two sheets of very strong structural glass.

The site is located adjacent to the Woodborough Conservation Area, Nottingham and so this was always going to be a challenge. The Planning Officers recommended that the application was approved and we have gained planning consent.

The Chase

A perfect plot doesn’t always have the perfect house.

Located in a Green Belt Wash area, the existing bungalow bizarrely ignored the substantial mature gardens that surrounded it. A study was undertaken to explore how this could be rectified with the conclusion that there were far more advantages in completely demolishing the existing and starting afresh. One of those advantages is that new builds are VAT exempt.

Through careful negotiation with the council, planning consent was gained for a new home that more than doubled the floor area of the existing. Connection to the garden areas formed the driving force for the layout design with a large double height entrance hall with two curving, cantilevered steel and glass staircases forming the centre piece to the new home.

By using a simple pallet of materials of glass, timber and dark grey zinc cladding and a carefully chosen brick, a very contemporary home has been created that connects fully with the gardens and the life style of the Clients.

Tippings Lane, Farnsfield

Designing a new home for a Client who is an engineer and an artist was always going to be a challenge…

​However, our collaboration has worked well and a beautiful home has been designed that connects with the garden areas, takes advantage of the sun’s path through the sky and fully provides their requirements for how they want to live in the house.

​Zones have been created inside that flow with the sun’s path and the time of day that the Client’s will be using those area, from early morning sun to the office and day lounge, to late evening sun to the evening lounge and external patio areas accessed via fully opening folding sliding doors.

​A simple palette of timber cladding and brick with strong shapes creates a composition which is both contemporary and soft with low maintenance requirements.

Wingfield Road

This three storey house replaces an existing bungalow that sits on a North-South orientated plot. A recent housing development located some 70m away to the south of the plot on lower land blocked views to the open Derbyshire countryside. I developed the design to reinstate these views from the first and second floor levels. A south facing balcony to the Master bedroom is also provided to take full advantage of the beautiful countryside views.

The kitchen and day-lounge is located in a single storey side annex with full height vaulted ceilings and a three storey high entrance area creates volume and an expansive feeling of space. A corner of the kitchen/day lounge fully opens up with the use of folding sliding doors to provide uninterrupted access and views to the garden and covered patio area which has an external fire/BBQ area.


Located on the edge of a countryside village, my Clients bought a small bungalow on a large plot which had the potential for spectacular views across the countryside. There was little merit in keeping the existing bungalow due to its layout, poor thermal capability, and the VAT implication of refurbishing and extending an existing structure.

The decision was made to start afresh and to demolish the bungalow to make way for a design of a new house that could provide my Clients with exactly what they wanted.

The site was analysed, the sun path calculated and the best views to the countryside agreed. The resulting design provides open plan living space to the ground floor that spills out onto private southerly gardens, with views to the countryside secured through the positioning of the bedrooms, balconies and viewing zones. A light well is located to the centre of the house to bring plenty of daylight into the ground and first floor areas.

Oak Field

A contemporary house hidden away from view in a wood full of oak trees sounds like the ideal location to live. And it is. A farming family wanted a new home that they could move into on their land in the green hills of Wales. With beautiful views across the valley, the design opens up the front and rear elevations with almost complete floor to roof glazing and a double height internal space that makes the inside and outside visually feel like one space.

Locally sourced natural materials are used to help make the house blend and age with it’s natural habitat. The layout is split into three zones. One for living, one for sleeping and one for circulation that links the other two together

Environmental design is close to their hearts and so a ground source heat pump is being integrated to provide all their hot water and heating requirements. A local natural spring will also provide water.

"My wife and I had some vague ideas of what we wanted, however, the expertise, creativity, and knowledge provided by John Morris have transformed our brief into the vision of a dream home." 

- Richard Mitchell, Ealing

" It was the first time that we have used an architect and we found that the use of John's services was paid back both in terms of the savings that he was able to identify through excellent contacts and helpful advice as well as the added value for the house. It also helped us avoid making expensive mistakes through a piecemeal approach." 

- Martin & Lyndsey Done, Gunthorpe

"John Morris Architects was one of three architects we found on the internet. After a couple of meetings with each of them and John's initial concept design, we found it very easy to make our choice. I would recommend John Morris architects to anybody and would love to work with John on another job in the future." 

-Simon & Sharon Moss, Nottingham

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